Be aware of these when traveling to Turkey

You can travel to Turkey when you are touring around the world, or if you are just considering going to Turkey for a holiday. However, there are a couple of things that you need to make sure about, when you are going to this country. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are not at risk at the country and that you are going to have the best possible experience. These are some important things that you should be aware of, when you are traveling to Turkey:

Dress appropriately

Because you are in a Moslem country, you need to make sure that you are dressing appropriately. Especially, if you are a woman. When you aren’t going to dress appropriately you are going to get unwanted attention.

It is important to know that flip flops and dresses that are above your knee is forbidden and you should make sure about this, when you are out in public. You should also know that you should take off your shoes in certain places and you should avoid the mosques on a Friday.

Be aware of month of Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, it isn’t a good idea to eat in public. This is because this is the time when they are fasting. They aren’t allowed to eat from dawn to dusk. So, if you are eating in public during the day, you might be seen as someone that doesn’t respect their culture and their beliefs.

This doesn’t mean that you should not eat during the day. It only means that you should not eat in public where they can see you and where you might be seen as disrespectful.

They don’t talk much English

There are some of them that are talking English, but this isn’t really common. You need to make sure that you are knowing the basic words of their national language if you want to be able to communicate with most of the people living in Turkey.

The good news is that the language isn’t as hard to learn. Especially, if you are only learning the basic words that you need, like yes, no, and thank you.

You should bargain at the markets

When you are walking at the markets, you need to know that the price you see isn’t the real price that they want. You can bargain for a better price. If you don’t like to bargain or if you don’t know that you can bargain, you might end up paying a lot more than what you should have for a product or for food.

Turkey can be a great country to visit. But, because their culture is different from most of our culture, it is important to know all this information before you are traveling to Turkey. It is also important to make sure that you are knowing the basics of their language as well, because not many are speaking English.

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