Backpacking Around New Zealand

Backpacking Around New Zealand might sound strange to people in America. Backpacking here verses there has a bit of a different meaning. Here in the states we say backpacking and it more often equates to hiking and camping. But in New Zealand there is a different meaning. It is a way that people travel around the country. You see things are very different there. Much like things were here when I was growing up. In the states back then you could easily hitch hike and easily get where ever you were going. But that was over forty years ago. You never see anyone hitch hiking here now.

Backpacking Around New Zealand however does mean doing a bit of hitch hiking if you like. And it is still very easy to get a ride there. Here we have the fact that so many of us a constantly bombarded with fear from our news channels. But not in New Zealand. There things are very normal and the people are very friendly and mostly happy to pick you up and give you a ride in the direction they are going. If you ask for some work they are liable to have some for you. Either for a day or two or even for a whole season if you want that. Since the people there are not plagued with fear all the time they are much more apt to stop and help a person on the side of the road. One does not stay broken down for long there because your neighbor will come along and rescue you and help you in any way they can.

Backpacking Around New Zealand is so fun and the scenery is very picturesque as well. It’s just beautiful there. Lush green mountains and more sheep that you could ever count. I recommend you make it a travel stop if you ever plan on a trip abroad.

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