Traveling To California By Bus

Traveling To California By Bus is certainly one less expensive way to travel. There is a lot of good scenery traveling by bus. But it has it’s drawbacks as well. First you can’t stop whenever you want. Sometimes I found myself just wanting to get off the bus for a while. But you don’t have much choice but to stay on there until a scheduled stop. Also you might not like some of the places the bus stops. I find that some of the bus stations are not in the best part of town.

I have taken the bus many times over the years, although not recently. When I used to travel by bus it was a cheap way to go. I am not sure of the prices now a days but it must be comparable to driving I would think. Driving is a great way to go traveling. Especially to California but all that driving can be tiring especially depending upon the weather conditions.

Traveling To California By Bus you do meet all sorts of people. I used to meet many servicemen when going by bus. They were coming from all over the country. Many of them on leave temporarily and going the least expensive route to go home and see their families.

Once you get to California there sure is a lot to see there. In fact, if you were to travel up the coastline you will see many sites that are amazing and it will take you quite some time to travel from one end to the other. I remember seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country right in the great state of California. From mountains to valley’s and desert to ocean there is everything you want there. I remember being in some neighborhoods where you could just go outside and pick fresh fruit right off the trees in the yard. What a nice way to live!

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